Friday, February 24, 2012


This week has been absolutely insane. Lots of big decisions were made, projects were finished, friends were accepted into grad schools, and I was offered a job for the summer... I accepted.

I've been applying to numerous jobs at various national parks for the summer. I've come to a place where I just need a "break"--A break from school, counseling, and in a way, normal life in general. So, after a few months, I was offered the position to work with an ATV tour guide company at Denali National Park. It's a company that gives people tours on ATVs. Crazy, right? Well...not that crazy. I have grown up riding ATVs and this is my chance to try something completely different, make changes, be in the wilderness, see animals, and be a little bit more free for a time.

The job is seasonal, begins in May and ends in September. I have a split position to work as a tour guide and to work in the office. I am SOOOO excited for this opportunity. I was so excited that I screamed. I rarely scream. This is a big deal. :) 

Please pray for me as the time gets closer for me to graduate and move to Alaska. 

Maybe I'll get some pictures like this one of Mount McKinley:

Friday, February 10, 2012

New Food.

Today I went to Cabela's for the 1st time ever and ate....

It was goooooood.
...every single bite and every single sight.