Thursday, August 30, 2012

Dear Dad.

Dear Dad,

When I was a child, I was your little girl
I’d stand on your feet while we danced and we twirled
You were the world me to and nobody knew
That the bond we shared was stronger than the strongest glue

You would listen to the a.m. radio while riding in the car
You had the windows down and we had to drive real far
You were the funniest man I have ever known
I look for your humor in everyone and I’m still looking, full-grown

You were the richest tooth fairy and you tucked me in the best
Your butterfly and Eskimo kisses have never topped the rest
You taught me how to ride a bike, skip rocks and fish
Being your best friend was a better gift than the biggest wish

We would call you daddy only when we wanted a toy
But you caught on and played our games, you knew our “secret” ploy
When we had to do chores we’d ask “Do we have to?”
And you’d respond by saying, “No, you get to.”

We would watch the best shows on TV
And we developed inside jokes just between you and me
You made the best sandwiches in the world
I’d make them like that every day if I could

Your love and taste for music is the greatest I’ve heard and sang
The Pumpkins, Peppers, Clapton, Petty, and Pearl Jam
Their songs are the soundtrack to my heart and soul
There was nothing better than singing out loud to your rock and roll

Baseball was our favorite sport to watch together
I’d always root for the same team as you
But somehow I ended up being an Angels fan
While you continued to be a Dodgers man

Somewhere down the line we drifted apart
You lost my trust and broke my heart
We tried to make it work but could never quite figure it out
But I knew you still loved me without a shadow of doubt

It’s been three long years since I saw you on graduation day
You couldn’t stay long, but it was special anyways
I last talked to you on my birthday and the conversation was better than the last
You learned that I was in Alaska doing what I love most

And then last Tuesday I found out that you died
My sister told me what happened and I collapsed and cried
I always had a feeling you would leave this world sooner than later
But I have a feeling you aren’t suffering and are feeling much better

I wonder if you can see me right now and if you can secretly hug me
That’s all I need from you in the midst of this quiet agony
I’m mad that you left us but sort of understand
You were needed somewhere else and your time had to end

No matter what happened between us, you will always be my dad
And I am so thankful for all the sweet memories that we had
You helped shape the person that I have become
Despite what I have said to you in anger and what I have done

I’ll be a grown up with a different life and family eventually
And I will continue to keep you in my heart and share you with my memory
I know that I haven’t told you lately, but I sure do love you
I’ve never stopped and never ever will

When I see you again in heaven we will have been made new
I hope you tell me funny jokes, sing me songs, and love me like you used to
Cause I sure do miss and love you, pot-bellied dad
I can’t wait to see you again and hold your weird 3-fingered hand.

Love your daughter,

Saturday, August 18, 2012


Hi everyone,
I am writing to ask for some prayer regarding where I will be heading next, once this seasonal job ends here in Alaska. 

I'm torn about whether or not to stay here or move back to Oregon...
I've been assuming that I'd move back to Oregon, so I've been applying to various jobs there and today I found out that there are some job openings at the local school here and they need some help. I'd also have a few other things to do here as well, but like I said, I'm torn because I love BOTH places.

If you could please pray for and with me in this decision, I would be very thankful. My co-workers are already buying their tickets home and I'm beginning to feel some of that pressure. 

I think that it will be good where ever I end up, but it would be nice to not have to decide this alone. 


Sunday, August 12, 2012

Shootin' Things with Guns.

It was fun shooting guns here, but it kind of hurt. hahaha

Landing on a Glacier

Yesterday, I had the amazing opportunity to fly with a few people and land on a glacier near Mt. McKinley! I even got to fly with the same pilot who flew me around the summit of Mt. McKinley. It was such a neat experience. The sun was shining and all of us had a snow ball fight and the only thing missing were some sleds, but I really can't complain. :)

 On the flight!!!

Travis, the pilot, and I. 
 On Ruth Glacier!

 One glacier from the plane!
 Mt. McKinley!
Another glacier!
And another glacier! They were gorgeous!
My friend Moser and I. Yes, there is another Moser that I work with as well. Long lost siblings, perhaps? :)