Sunday, June 16, 2013

The First Father's Day.

This is my first Father's Day without my dad. This is the first time I don't have to worry about visiting the card aisle at a store attempting to find the best card to describe my awkward relationship with my dad. There was never a good card so I would always have to make one myself. The cards I would read would always make me cry because they reminded me that I didn't have the greatest dad. I didn't have a dad that could care for my needs, call me just because, or tuck me in at night.

But now that my dad is gone, I really miss him and I'm avoiding social networks today because pictures of good dad are being posted everywhere. Now that he's gone I realize that making my own Father's Day card wasn't such a big deal. I'd rather have him around than not. I love you and miss you dad. You were good enough.

Also, I really am thankful for the really good father figures in my life. Thanks Tom, Chris Newman, and Uncle Mike for showing me really good and healthy fatherly love.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My Crazy Life: Kidnapped Grandma?

So, I've forgotten about my blog these past couple of weeks since I've been back in Alaska. There have been weeks where I've worked over 50 hours and other weeks where being the office manager here just requires more of my energy. During those first busy weeks (about 2 weeks ago) my mom saw some disturbing news on tv and called me. My grandma had appeared to have been missing/kidnapped... WHAT!?!!

Okay, crazy, right? Yes, but weird things like this happen to my family, so that part wasn't shocking. What was shocking was that my grandma's face was all over the news in Los Angeles and EVERYONE was looking for her. I was just hoping she was okay.

Apparently, she was on her way to the Verizon store and never showed up there and never went back home. Surveillance cameras saw her with a man at a few gas stations that nobody in our family recognized. We were all pretty worried.

It had almost been 48 hours before they found my grandma, safe and sound, at a gas station in Compton with her dogs...! How did she get there? Why was she in COMPTON? The man was nowhere to be seen, but the police brought her back home. My grandma couldn't remember anything, but at least she was okay.

Here are some links to articles that were posted online:

OC woman wasn't taken against will - son

Dana Point Woman Missing Since Tuesday Found In Compton « CBS Los Angeles

So, this is my life. It's weird and it's crazy. I'm just glad my grandma is okay.
Thanks to everyone who prayed for her safety and helped share the articles so that others could help find her/keep an eye out for her.