Thursday, December 29, 2011

Last Day in New York!

Here's the last few pictures that I'd like to share! I am now back home in Portland. My trip to New York flew by too quickly!
 Yesterday, we made a pit stop in Connecticut and here is the picture of the New York sign on the way back!
 The largest Christmas lights I have ever seen!
 Rockefeller Center once again. I just had to see the tree one more time.
 We didn't have a chance to go ice skating here (the line was craaazy long), but that just gives me more reason to come back another time during Christmas. :)

Soooooo beautiful! 

I'll see you later, New York!
Thanks sis for making it a wonderful Christmas! I already miss you!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New York: Day 5

Here's an update of day 5 in NY:
More adventures with Angie and Vince.
 The ferry to Liberty Island and then to Ellis Island
 The Liberty Bike is made of copper.
 Details. :)
 Prettttty awesome...

 Ellis Island. So much history here...
 The Immigrants would wait in line for hours/days here to find out if they could remain in the U.S.
 Ellis Island from the ferry back to the city.
 The Museum of Modern Art with the bro and sis.

 Andy Warhol....sooooo wonderful. :)
 Salvador Dali. One of my favs.
 Van Gogh. I was able to see my favorite artist AND painting IN PERSON!!!! I am satisfied.

More Monet.

It was a lovely day. :)

Monday, December 26, 2011

New York Continued...

 Christmas dinner included: Homemade stuffed artichokes, calzones, and mexican pasta!
 Christmas pictures with my bro and sis (I thought I looked like Katie in this one haha)
 Santa and his elf.

 In a taxi and on our way to the Empire State Building

 Taking the elevator up!
 The spectacular view!

 This is where the Twin Towers used to be
 The Statue of Liberty

 The Empire State Building made of candy
 New York Pizza! Mmmmm!
 The Subway to...Ground Zero

 Ground Zero: The "Freedom Tower" that they are building

 The NY fire dept.
 I waved to a fireman inside and he let us in!!!
 No joke!

 The Freedom Tower close-up
 Grand Central Station

 The Broadway show that we saw: Memphis
 It was amazing! We were in the center of the 4th row!
The stage is right behind us!

More to's time to rest! :)