Tuesday, February 26, 2013


I had such a great opportunity to go to California this past weekend to celebrate the new marriage of Ryan and Becca Brook, Joey's brother and new sister in-law. The weather forecast in Portland showed rain every day this week and frankly, I was getting pretty tired of it and was so excited to soak in some vitamin D.

The sunshine was just what I needed. Here are some pictures from the wedding. It was a blast to see this beautiful couple get married. I mean, they got married at a butterfly preserve in Santa Barbara overlooking the ocean! How much more beautiful could it get?! They are the sweetest and I am so happy to have met them and cannot wait to see them again!
 Oh yeah, and they love hula hooping!

Also, the ending to this week was a sad one. Joey flew off to Alaska and saying goodbye was one the the hardest, but most exciting. This will be our last goodbye before I see him again in April and hopefully there will be no more goodbyes like that. I am so excited that he got to go to his home in Alaska earlier. He's excited and we both have a lot to look forward to for these next two months apart. 

Here he is with his SUPER cute niece, Cadence. I'm glad I caught this big smile on camera. :)

Until next time...!