Wednesday, November 6, 2013

What -10 Degrees Feels Like

Would you like to know what -10 degrees feels like?
Come visit me and you'll find out, but don't forget to bring your sturdy boots and a sturdy walk because boy, is it slippery!

Yesterday, we got a lot of snow. The snow here is dry and deceitful. It covers all of the ice and makes you think you are safe to walk normally. Yesterday I experienced my first bad fall.

I was taking out the trash and on my way back I slipped backwards and fell flat on my back. As I was going down I thought "this isn't so bad" and then that's when I whacked my head SO hard. My glasses flew off behind me and I was in shock for a while. I called the clinic here to see if I had a concussion but they said I had to go to Fairbanks to get it checked out properly. There was NO way I would drive there yesterday. The roads were terrible. :( Thankfully Joey is trained as an ETT and was able to check my pupils and head to see if I had a major concussion. I didn't feel nauseous or anything and didn't fall asleep. I just had a headache right away and went to work for a while but it was too hard to concentrate, so I left early. 

Overall, I feel fine now except my entire neck is sooooo sore. Now I am wearing "cramp-ons" on my shoes all of the time. They are kind of like chains for my shoes. :) Ugh. haha I'm so clumsy.

-10 degrees hurts.