Friday, August 9, 2013

Into The Wild: Bus trip

There are so many people throughout the year that attempt to hike the Stampede Trail. It was made famous by the movie “Into the Wild” which followed the story of Chris McCandless. He was a young guy who left everything he had and hiked the Stampede Trail. This is the same trail that we take people out on ATV tours, but we stop our tour right before the Savage River.

Chris McCandless crossed the Savage River and Teklanika River when they were both frozen. He found an abandoned bus and stayed there for a while, but when he decided to make the trek back to civilization, the Teklanika had thawed and was too high for him to cross back over. To make a long story short, he went back to the bus, was poisoned, starved to death, and died on that bus.

Many backpackers (experienced and inexperienced) attempt to cross the Tek and many have died or have had to be rescued in the process. I haven’t had a huge interest in seeing the bus, especially because of the 20+ hike to and from it, but last week, I got the chance to see it without making the long hike.

My friend Chris has an awesome Jeep. Our goal was to drive to the Tek and head home. Chris decided he’d try to cross the Tek with his Jeep and he made it! So, we hopped in and headed toward the bus. Here are some pictures! We only got stuck in 2 mud bogs along the way, but with their skills, we made it out safely. It was a fun and extremely bumpy ride!

 Getting unstuck.
 Beaver dam blocking the trail.

 Chris crossing the Teklanika River! What a brave soul!

 The Jeep crossing the Tek.

 Alexander Supertramp.

 My name!

 A little creepy.

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