Friday, April 5, 2013

The Village and Pravdinska Orphanage Kids

Yesterday, we took a trip to the village to visit some kids at the Pravdinska Orphanage as well as to visit a very much loved family who lives right across the street (Dusya, Sergey, and their two sweet kids, Valya and Andrey). Dusya and Sergey graduated from the orphanage and ever since Anika has been in Ukraine, I've prayed for Sergey. When I was in Ukraine about 5 years ago, I visited this family and loved them immediately. It was amazing to meet Sergey for the first time then and it was so good to see him again yesterday. Please pray for him and their sweet family.

The ministry my friend's have here has been a huge blessing to this family and the children at the orphanage. It's called Open Arms Ukraine and if you are interested in supporting them in any way, especially with prayer, visit

 This Dusya (in the middle) with Anika and I.

 In the background is the Pravdinska Orphanage and Valya is walking in the foreground.

 Anika and I are walking with sweet Valya.

Here is Sergey and I. When I get back home I will have to find the picture of us five years ago. :)

Also, I am going back to Kiev tomorrow by myself on a bus and will be meeting some friends that I worked with at a summer camp last time I was in Ukraine. Again, prayer for my travels will be much appreciated! On Sunday I head back to Rome and on Tuesday I will be going back to Oregon!

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