Saturday, October 22, 2011

C'mon Rangers!

Saturday, 10-22-11 World Series Update: 
Watching the World Series. I just can't help myself...I'm a girl who LOVES baseball and the baseball players!!!
I'm rooting for the Rangers this year. If they can make it to the World Series for their 2nd time in a row, they deserve to win...but first they gotta get their act together. Tonight...they let me down... :/ Make it up for me tomorrow, k? ;) 

Sunday, 10-23-11 World Series Update: 
Rangers, you didn't disappoint me tonight! Now we are 2 for 2. Just two more games to win---I believe in you. :) 

Monday, 10-24-11 World Series Update: 
We did it again!!!! Just one more game...just one more!!! 
I watched the game with Chloe and Erin at a sport's bar with the largest screen ever! I'm so blessed to have girlfriends who LOVE baseball almost as much as I do. ;) haha 
Can't wait for Wednesday!!!

Wednesday, 10-26-11 World Series Update:
Here is the update...There is no update! :( 
Game 6 has been postponed due to poor weather today...due to RAIN!!! Seriously?!?! So, while sitting in disappointment at work, Erin and I came up with a plan. Here's what we did:

 We went to the batting cages to:
1. Unwind.
2. Honor the Rangers.
3. Have fun!

Now we pray the weather is good tomorrow. 

P.S. I want to remember this because it makes me laugh. Maybe you, too?

Thursday, 10-27-11 World Series Update:
I thought that this would be the last update.
I thought that the Rangers would win tonight.
I thought that it would be more predictable.
Boy, was I wrong. haha
Let's just say that this was THE most intense game I have ever seen!
Tomorrow I will be screaming, shouting, jumping, cheering, closing my eyes, throwing my arms around, and doing other things more so than I was tonight. ;) 
Good night Rangers...I have a headache. 

Friday, 10-28-11 World Series GAME 7 Update:
The verdict is in: The St. Louis Cardinals won and you know what? They played a pretty great series. I'm sad, but hey, maybe MY team will get to play next year? A girl can hope. :)

Here's a picture of a pretty great moment from tonight.

Now it's back to reality. ;)

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  1. Danielle!! I watched game 6 tonight with our small group and thought of you! That was such a fun/intense game to watch! We will see what happens tomorrow...