Saturday, October 15, 2011

This is what happens...

This is what happens on a Saturday after I've spent the majority of the day doing homework...

Cleaning and...BAKING and cooking.
 Shout out to Anna and Halloween for existing in my life.
 Shout out to my pumpkin cookies with "browned butter frosting" (all homemade btw). ;)
 Shout out to my wonderful friends Allie, BL, and Amanda for sending me these LOVELY Halloween cards!
 Shout out to Jenny for allowing me to bake AND make potato salad while on Skype with you.

Shout out to Betty Crocker for the pumpkin cookie recipe:

Shout out to my mom for the potato salad recipe.
I'd add the recipe here except that it's a secret...haha.

Shout out to my bed. Goodnight!