Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Alaska Details!

Okay, so this post will be brief. I just wanted to give you the opportunity to pray for and support me if you'd like. :)

Tentative Dates gone:
May 4-Mid September or longer.

Mailing Address:
Denali ATV Adventures
Attn: Danielle Moser
PO Box 593
Healy, AK 99743

Denali ATV Adventures Website:

Amazon Wishlist link (I will update it as needed):

1. For God to have gone before me, with me, and after me to this new place.
2. To make some great friends.
3. To find rest in the midst of travel, adventure, and work/play. :)
4. To find a church.
5. For healthy relationships in the house I will be living in.

Thank you!!! I will miss you all dearly.
I'll keep you updated as long as the internet permits/exists. :)


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