Monday, May 14, 2012


We have begun our ATV tour guide training and I have been having a blast. Below are some pictures and at the end I'd like to share some answered prayers. I was specific and God answered in abundance. :)

Here is where I am living:
Here was a moose we spotted in a field near our house:
 This is called Sand Castle. I'm standing in a "dry" creek bed. There are quite a few creeks flowing behind me.
 A bald eagle flying over a lake when I went geo-caching with some co-workers.
 My new friend, Ana and I. :) I am so excited to work with her this summer. She and her bf are also from Portland!
 A cute little folk band played for us at a chili cook-off that we went to last night.
 Here is an overlook that we bring our tourists to with the ATVs.
Here are the new and wonderful guides/employees. :)
Here are the girls that I am blessed to be working/living with. From L to R: Me, Sarah, Casey, Ashley, Ana, and Hannah
 Shiloh, our new and adopted pet. Another couple from Portland brought their dog along with them and I am SO happy about it. We play fetch a lot and she just loved this massive stick.

Answers to prayer:
I prayed for at least one Christian to work with and guess what? There are 5!!!!! My employers, Kyle and Emily, are this cute Christian couple and I have enjoyed spending time with them. There are another set of brothers that are believers from Colorado as well! Within this prayer for Christians, I also specifically prayed for God to provide at least one female to work with because I wasn't sure if many girls would have applied/been hired for this guiding job. The other day Casey moved in and she is a believer, has done missions work, visited about 20 countries and is extremely cool! I am so excited to get to know her better. So, that's a total of 5 believers when I prayed for one and also there are a total of 7 females working here and I prayed for at least one. God is amazing.

The other cool thing is that Casey and I were able to go to church with Emily and Kyle this morning. We are excited to get to know people and get more involved in the community that way as well. It's incredible how much more comfortable I feel with this kind of support. I couldn't have imagined the summer to begin on such a strong note.

Thank YOU for your prayers and support!


  1. Sheesh! Sounds like things couldn't be more perfect!

  2. That is so awesome Danielle!! Glad that God is taking care of things there in Alaska, like always. HUH?