Friday, March 22, 2013

Day 3: Exploring Frascati & Culture Shock

Today was a restful one because we were recovering from yesterday's madness. We slept in, went for a walk around Frascati and did some laundry...

Here is a view of a part of Italy from the park that we walked to.
 We had some culture shock attempting to do laundry...People were trying to speak to us in Italian and we had to read directions in Italian. Some how we managed to figure it out... but not without some frustration.

 Here, Italians eat so much later than I am used to. We had a late dinner, but the pizza was soooo good. This one was just for me! Apparently, this is the normal size for pizza here.
 After dinner we walked to a bar called The Drunken Witches. We made it home! Woo!

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