Friday, March 22, 2013

Italia Day 2: New Experiences up the wazoo?

My hope has been to update at the end of every day I’m here, but boy have I been exhausted and it’s only my second day! Here are some snapshots of my day. It was amazing and a day FULL of new experiences! I will try to keep it short and simple.

We began our morning with an Italian cup 'o joe, or rather cappuccino!
 Amanda and I then took the train into Rome! (It was so nice to have company!)
 Our first stop: THE ROMAN COLOSSEUM!!!! (My favorite stop of the day!)
 Next stop: The Forum, ruins of what used to be
 Next stop: The prison that Paul and St. Peter were sent to in Rome
Inside the cell of the prison, very small and cave-like.
 Our next stop: The Tomb of the Unknown Guard
 Lunch! I had a pizza-sandwhich earlier, no photo, but this salad was so good and fresh!

 Inside one (the ceiling) of the many beautiful churches.
 The Trevi Fountain!
 The Pantheon! When walking through narrow streets you become surprised by huge buildings like these.
 The dome inside the Pantheon. It's as tall as it is wide.
 My first gelato experience and it was so amazing!
 Next stop: The Spanish Steps, a place where John Keats (the poet) would come to contemplate his death. Here are Amanda and I contemplating ours.........and then we decided to walk back to the train station.
 My feet contemplating their death.
 We found an Italian seafood restaurant and one of the waiters wanted to show us his octopus...I got a little queasy and was reminded of when I played ultimate frisbee with one... haha
I actually tried the octopus too and liked it enough to only try one bite. It was very tough in texture and soaked in lemon. I couldn't look at the tentacles. :/

Here is my first sardine.
 Here is my meal with wine, of course!
Cheers to a good and full day!

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