Thursday, March 21, 2013

Italia Day 1: Delays, a thief, stress sweat, sleep.

My day of travel lasted over 24 hours…but I was pretty much awake the entire time. Here are some highlights:

-Delayed flight in D.C. caused me to miss my flight from Munich to Rome.
-Finally got on the plane to Munich and had the craziest time trying to figure out where/when my new flight was taking off. Also, I didn’t have wifi to connect to my friends in Italy, so it was stressful for them as well.
-Flew from Munich to Rome covered in stress sweat.
-Landed in Rome and felt culture shock as I was trying to figure out how to find a shuttle to the train to Frascati, Italy, the place where my friend lives.
-A boy tried to steal my money as I was buying a train ticket.
-I had to run to the train that was leaving in 2 minutes.
-I got on the train without fully knowing that it was the right one.
-Found out the train was the right one and remembered to breathe.
-Met my friends!
-Fell asleep at 8pm Italy time…

It was crazy. I'm a little bit crazy. But I'm alive. :)
And the adventures begin.

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