Sunday, March 24, 2013

Day 5: Venice, the BEST Day.

Today was such a breath of fresh air! No stressful travels, a good sleep, a good breakfast, and an absolutely amazing time in Venice today. It really is a charming place. So much happened today and it was all just plain gooooood. Again, here are some pictures:

I love posting pictures of food, and here's my amazing breakfast. I haven't had a solid breakfast since Oregon.
 Amanda, me, and a gondola.
 Beautiful, right!?!?
 Just one of the amazing buildings here.
 Just a fun picture!
 And another!
 Okay, confession. I've been craving a burger since eating a ton of pasta, and just so you know, burgers in Italy are NOT like American burgers. It was still good, but pork instead of beef. Wine too, of course!
 LOVED this spot!
 There were masks everywhere!!! So beautiful, too!

 Gold plated walls and ceilings at St. Marco Basilica
The outside of the basilica!

Right after I found out I used the men's restroom on accident AGAIN!!! I obviously walk into bathrooms with my eyes closed... :(
One of my favorite parts of the day was visiting a bar called Bacaro Jazz. I don't know the full story but the ceilings are covered in bras. Bras. Bras. Bras!
 Dinner=vegetable soup. It was so good. Dessert=tiramisu.
Okay, bed time and off to Florence tomorrow!


  1. Looks beautiful! Glad you are enjoying yourself!

  2. A burger with wine?! That's AWESOME! Maybe we should start doing that here... ;)